Palma talks to us about Mokapot, a fab coffee shop on Charlton Place, just off Islington’s unique Camden Passage. The coffee shop opened in October this year and Palma tells us about her passion for coffee & cakes.

Mokapot Charlton Place N1
Mokapot Food

What is your business inspiration?

Bringing together coffee lovers and passionate fresh food people. The products we offer are inspired by our Italian heritage, coming from the Mediterranean we love coffee and good food, and we love to share our passions!

What are your three best selling products?

Coffee of course, we are using Square Mile beans which for us is one of the best coffee brands on the market at the moment. Our Fennel salami, artichoke pesto and provolone cheese is one of the favourite sandwich for our customers and last but not least our cakes are one of the top product, we have a range of gluten free or vegan or simply just delicious treats!

Mokapot Cafe Camden Passage Islington

What is your top tip for someone starting their own business?

Be very patient with yourself and always try to adjust your passions with your customer segmentation requests. And enjoy of course! 

Camden Passage Islington
Mokapot coffee from LoHo Diogital
Mokapot Lights from LoHo Digital
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